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Declutter your home & mind.

Virtual Consultations and In-Home Sessions for an Organized Life 

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I'm Christy, an Expert in Organization and Decluttering

Christy Kubicki

Organizing has been a part of my entire life. However, I followed life’s path and worked many different jobs. None of these made me feel fulfilled in my career. I wanted to help people and come home at the end of the day feeling good that I made someone happy. After many years, I decided that I needed to make what I love to do my career.


Life is always busy. Work, kids, cleaning, everyday errands... they fill up our days and we can find ourselves overwhelmed with disorder because the time is never there to accomplish everything. I am here to help you with that.


By having an organized home, life feels more simple. You can come home and feel like you now have more time to accomplish things like hobbies, relaxing, spending quality time with your family, and whatever you want. I can help you purge things that have built up over time and make a space for you that is functional and makes you happy!
Let me help you have a more simple life.

My Services

Suburb Houses

Entire Home Organizing

Feeling overwhelmed with your

house clutter?

Closing a Box

Packing & Unpacking

Are you moving in or moving out and need some extra hands?

Modern Kitchen

Kitchens & Pantries

Can’t find an organizing system that works for you?

Well Organized Closet

Bedrooms & Closets

Do you have a closet or room that you'd prefer to keep the door shut to?

Bathroom Shelf


Trying to find a neat and convenient place for your toiletries?


Home Offices

Do you have a “catch all room” that needs clearing?

Cozy Living Room

Living & Dining Rooms

Is your home full of unorganized piles or various items?

White file folders

Paper Organization

Is your paperwork or important documents out of control?


Top Pro on Thumbtack

Rated 5 stars by all of her clients!

Happy Clients' Homes


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